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Ezekiel Elliott

RB | Cowboys

6'0" 225 lbs
Jul 13, 1995 (23)
Ohio State
Drafted 1.04
Exp 2


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  • Ezekiel Elliott rushed for 93 yards · Nov 6, 2017

    Elliott had 27 carries for 93 yards and one touchdown

    Even though Elliott was held to just 3.4 yards per carry, he still received enough volume to provide an impact in fantasy, scoring 15.30 PPR fantasy points. He's one of the best running backs in the league and should be valued as one of the top players in dynasty.

  • Ezekiel Elliott slapped with 6 game suspension · Oct 31, 2017

    Elliott loses temporary restraining order and will serve his six game suspension.

    He won't be eligible to return until week 15. This is devastating for fantasy owners who needed his efforts to make a playoff run. In the grand scheme of things, for dynasty, six games is just a blip on the radar when it comes to his long term player value. He will be a perennial top five fantasy back one he returns from his suspension.

  • Ezekiel Elliott rushes for 150 yards and 2 scores · Oct 30, 2017

    Elliott rushed for 150 yards and two touchdowns on 33 carries while also catching one pass for four yards.

    Elliott almost had three rushing touchdowns on Sunday, but his third and final touchdown got called back, due to a holding penalty that was charged to one of the offensive linemen. He's a stud running back who has the potential to be one of the top running backs in the NFL for a very long time. He should be held with a tight grip in dynasty.

  • Ezekiel Elliott explodes for 219 total yards · Oct 23, 2017

    Elliott rushed for 147 yards and two touchdowns while catching one pass for 72 yards and one touchdown.

    Even with a potential suspension looming over Elliott's head, he is still proving why he is one of the top running backs in the league. Today's output wasn't a surprise as the team leaned on him to keep the chains moving during most of the game. Even if he does get suspended, he will still be a top running back in dynasty.

  • Ezekiel Elliott eclipses the century mark · Oct 10, 2017

    Ezekiel Elliott rushed for 116 yards one 29 carries.

    Elliott started the game off slow, but turned on the heat late into the fourth quarter. He tallied 14.20 PPR fantasy points with his performance on Sunday. With 30 touches, Elliott continues to be one of the leagues top running backs.

  • Ezekiel Elliott breaks out · Oct 2, 2017

    Ezekiel Elliott had a breakout performance against the Rams, posting 85 rushing yards, 54 receiving yards and scoring two touchdowns.

    Owners of Elliott were waiting for a dominant performance and they got it this week. While questions will linger about a possible suspension all season, Elliott is locked and loaded as a dynasty RB1 and any concerns about a relatively slow start have now been extinguished.

  • Ezekiel Elliott hits 80 yards on the ground · Sep 26, 2017

    Elliott rushed for 80 yards and one touchdown while catching three passes for 14 yards.

    Elliott remained the focal point of the offense after a dismal performance last week against the Broncos. He carried the load, rushing the football 22 times for 80 yards against a stout Cardinals' defense. Elliott looked a little bit sluggish in the beginning, but was able to churn out yards as the game went on. He's one of the best running backs in the league and his production should only increase from here.

  • Ezekiel Elliott wins restraining order · Sep 8, 2017

    A Federal Judge in Texas granted a request by the NFL Players Association for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction to prevent the implementation of the six-game suspension for Elliott.

    Big news in the short term as Elliott will be able to play as the legal process shakes out. This could mean he'll play the entire season. It's a significant boost to Elliott's short term value but he's far from out of the woods here. It's quite likely his suspension will be served but nobody really knows when. He remains an elite RB1 but one requiring an owner with a high risk tolerance.

  • Ezekiel Elliott's suspension upheld · Sep 6, 2017

    Ezekiel Elliott's six-game suspension has been upheld.

    Well, here we go.  Elliott can play this week but nobody knows what will happen beyond that. We have a pending injunction that's going to be decided on Friday that could give us some more clarity. Still, none of it really matters because we're in for a long legal fight with both sides fighting every decision made. This promises to be a long haul with very little clarity at the moment. Elliott is obviously good to go for week one and remains an elite, though high risk, player to own.

  • Ezekiel Elliott appeals six-game suspension · Aug 15, 2017

    Ezekiel Elliott has appealed his six-game suspension.

    And here we go. A hearing must now be scheduled within the next ten days. The NFL will most certainly uphold his suspension (though it could be reduced, I suppose). If it's not eliminated, we're in for another long haul that could feature a few court battles or juducial decisions outside the NFL. Chances are Elliott will serve these six games but it's anyone's guess as to exactly when that's going to happen. As for now, there's really no change in Zeke's value - he's an elite fantasy player who carries with him a high amount of risk.

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    Rank Ranker Comment
    4 Levi Chappell, 09/20 As long as he has no off the field issues... it should be a big year
    4 TJ Calkins, 09/19 Just a tick behind Gurley for top back to own
    5 Jake Anderson, 08/16 If it wasn't for the off the field concerns, you would see Zeke at the very top of everyone's RB ranks.
    5 Pete Lawrence, 09/20 In his rookie year, he posted 1,994 yards from scrimmage (1,631 rushing and 363 receiving) in just 15 games. In his suspension shortened 2017 campaign he almost broke 1,000 yards in just 10 total games. A healthy motivated Zeke in 2018 is primed for massi
    Average 5.43
    6 Zach Wilkens, 09/10
    7 Rob Willette, 09/20
    7 Travis May, 09/16 If he can continue to grow in the pass game, he's a top five back for the next five years.
    RB Rankings
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    Rank Ranker Comment
    1 Austan Kas, 09/15
    2 Joseph Nammour, 09/18 Perfect marriage of skill and scheme. Off-field behavior is immature, but doesn't concern me long-term.
    3 Jeff Haverlack, 09/18 Could be on top but he seems to be a knucklehead
    Average 3.67
    4 Ryan McDowell, 09/19
    4 Jaron Foster, 09/12
    4 Bruce Matson, 09/15 Elliott is an incredible prospect who is running behind the best offensive line in the history of football.
    5 Matt Price, 09/13
    5 Jeff Miller, 09/09 The types of off-the-field things we've seen from Zeke scare me. I'd rather own other players with similar values and let somebody else deal with the potential headache.
    5 Eric Hardter, 08/12 Expecting him to be the focal point of the offense in 2018.
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