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Deshaun Watson

QB | Texans

6'2" 221 lbs
Sep 11, 1995 (23)
Drafted 1.12
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  • Deshaun Watson isn't changing · Jul 5, 2018

    Rookie phenom Deshaun Watson exclaimed "I don't want to change anything that got me here" when asked whether he would consider changing his style to avoid injury.

    Watson went on to say "there's no point in switching up the routine" even though it's his second ACL (different knees) in his last three years. The point is that history suggests quarterbacks like Watson fall to injury at an increased rate without better adapting to the NFL game. NFL defensive players have far more speed and strength than Watson is accustom to, increasing the chances of falling to injury each time he escapes the pocket. That said, Watson's latest ACL injury was of the non-contact variety suffered in practice. If not for his 2017 injury, Watson may have run-away with rookie of the year honors after amassing almost 1,700 yards and 19 touchdowns to only eight interceptions in only seven games. Watson is found as the QB4 on DLF's quarterback rankings and his ADP (56) rests at a career high. Dynasty coaches have been snatching up Watson prior to the sixth round in new drafts which is a testimonial to his value given the depth of the quarterback position. There's no more exciting prospect at the position but he comes with a significant injury flag should he not reform.

  • Deshaun Watson tears ACL · Nov 3, 2017

    Deshaun Watson tore the ACL in his right knee during Thursday's practice

    The leading rookie of the year candidate who has been on a tear since taking over the reins in Houston experienced a more serious tear during Thursday's practice. Initially the injury, which occurred mid-way through practice, did not appear to be serious but he did not finish the practice session. Following practice, an MRI confirmed a torn ACL in his right knee. This is Watson's second ACL injury, following a tear to his left knee in 2014. It's a huge blow not only to Watson but also the surging Houston Texans who now will turn back to the underwhelming Tom Savage. For Watson, he's expected to make a full recovery and be under center on week one, 2018. There's no reason to significantly downgrade Watson's rising value but it's fair to wonder if this second injury will reduce Watson's productivity in the run-game. He remains a rising prospect within the quarterback position.

  • Deshaun Watson continues his winning ways · Oct 16, 2017

    Texans' rookie phenom remained phenomenal on Sunday, amassing 225 yards, three touchdowns and an interception against the Browns. He also chipped in with 23 yards rushing on six attempts.

    With Sunday's performance, Watson now sits atop the quarterback rankings in most formats as he notched his fourth 25+ fantasy point performance in a row. It's all clicking right now for the rookie. Will Fuller's return has bolstered the deep passing game and DeAndre Hopkins continues to rack up targets and touchdowns. Houston's rushing game has been lackluster but Watson's continued success through the air will likely open up more yards on the ground. A popular late-second and, even early-third round, selection in rookie drafts, Watson is proving that the popular strategy of not selecting rookie quarterbacks inside the top-15 selections shouldn't be written in concrete for those with needs at the position. It's safe to move Watson within the top ten at the position.

  • Deshaun Watson has arrived · Oct 2, 2017

    Deshaun Watson threw for 283 yards and four touchdowns, while rushing for 24 yards and another touchdown in Houston's rout of Tennessee on Sunday.

    Watson looked like a veteran all day on Sunday and while he wasn't perfect (he threw an interception and missed a couple of throws), he was every bit the part of a serious fantasy quarterback. There will be some ups and downs this year but Watson has a stranglehold on the Texans offense and looks like a future star in fantasy and reality. His emergence is great news for DeAndre Hopkins (ten catches for 107 yards and a score) and the rest of the Texans offense.

  • Deshaun Watson wins first NFL start · Sep 15, 2017

    Watson was 15/24 for 125 yards through the air and 5/67/1 on the ground in the Thursday night victory over the Bengals.

    It was an up and down performance, but a win is a win. Watson took some silly sacks and at times didn't appear to know which coverage the defense was playing. He did have a 49 yard rushing TD. There will be growing pains, but this looks like it's safely Watson's job moving forward.

  • Deshaun Watson named starter · Sep 13, 2017

    It didn't take long for head coach Bill O'Brien to name his prized rookie the starter for week two, doing just that on Tuesday.  

    The Tom Savage era was over before it even began and the future is now squarely in the hands of the good looking rookie. Deshaun Watson is young and inexperienced but brings composure and mobility behind an offensive line that showed significant deficits on Sunday. Some stories emerged on Sunday suggesting the offensive line called for the change but review of the linked story and videos shows something else. Watson was a late second round pick at best in most fantasy rookie drafts and now has the opportunity to pay immediate dividends for his owners. With a capable run-game and freshly-paid DeAndre Hopkins on the outside at receiver, the foundation is in for him to provide a much needed spark to the Texans.  

  • Deshaun Watson starts second half in savage move by Coach Bill O · Sep 10, 2017

    Tom Savage was announced as the Texans starter weeks ago, but it only lasted two quarters into the 2017 season. Watson replaced him at halftime after Savage was sacked six times and failed to lead the Texans on any scoring drives.

    We llikely all saw this move comiing, but most thought it would take a few games rather than two quarters before Watson got on the field. Watson promptly came in and jump-started the Texans offense. He didn't end up with a very encouraging statistical line (12/23 for 102 yards and a TD) but showed poise and looked like he belonged in the starter role. I don't see Tom Savage taking anymore snaps without an injury to Watson.

  • Watson solid in Texans opener · Aug 10, 2017

    Deshaun Watson threw for 179 yards on 15-of-25 passing and rushed for 24 yards, including a 15-yard touchdown in his NFL debut.

    Watson played behind Tom Savage, as expected. Still, he looked like he added a different dynamic to the offense when he came in and made some very nice plays. He never really challenged the Panthers defense vertically and the Houston play callers obviously kept things pretty simple for him. However, you can tell Watson has early confidence and his feet add a different threat to the offense. This was a solid start for Watson but not one that has him knocking Savage to the curb.  Yet.

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    46 Travis May, 09/16 Yep. Top 5 QB. Could drop fast next year, but we'll see.
    56 TJ Calkins, 09/19 Show me more! He and Nuk could truly make magic for a very long time
    64 Levi Chappell, 09/20
    65 Rob Willette, 09/20
    Average 67
    74 Jake Anderson, 08/16 Watson put on a show in his rookie season before injury. If he can even be 80% of what he is, he's deserving of this ranking.
    78 Pete Lawrence, 09/20
    86 Zach Wilkens, 09/10
    QB Rankings
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    Rank Ranker Comment
    3 Austan Kas, 09/13
    4 Jaron Foster, 09/12
    4 Matt Price, 09/13
    4 Ryan McDowell, 09/19
    4 Eric Hardter, 08/12 The only red flag is the sample size. Even if he regresses, he was so far ahead of the field.....as a rookie.
    5 Joseph Nammour, 09/18 Shaking off the rust a bit post-ACL, but he's just 23. He belongs here.
    5 Jeff Haverlack, 09/18 Knee injury was a huge blow but '18 is a new year
    Average 5.11
    7 Bruce Matson, 08/14 I'm playing it safe with Watson. I'm not going out of my way to obtain him, but I'm not letting him fall to far either.
    10 Jeff Miller, 09/18 I am willing to admit I missed wildly on Watson, but the guys above him are established superstars.
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