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Saquon Barkley

RB | Giants


6'0" 233 lbs
Feb 6, 1997 (21)
Penn State
Drafted 1.02


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  • Saquon Barkley shines in receiving drills · Jun 17, 2018

    At the close of the off-season program, Saquon Barkley answered any lingering questions about his receiving skills.

    In the "5 takeaways" article, Giants.com reporter John Schmeelk said: "Barkley dropped only one or two passes throughout all of spring practice and ran every route you want a running back to run. He caught passes in the flat, over the middle on circle routes, and deep down the field on wheel routes. Linebackers have absolutely no shot of covering him. We’ve also seen a lot of empty sets from the Giants offense, with Barkley (and other running backs) split out wide." It's just another indication of the special talent that Barkley is. He's the complete package of raw power, agility, speed, intelligence wrapped into a humble, hard-working, package. While he's the easy choice as the top rookie off the board in rookie drafts, Barkley is also currently RB2 overall on DLF's running back rankings and his ADP (6), believe it or not, is still climbing. Barkley is a generational talent who is good enough to be selected highly as a cornerstone piece even without having played a snap yet in the NFL.

  • NFL Draft - 1.02 NYG Saquon Barkley RB · Apr 27, 2018

    The New York Giants selected RB Saquon Barkley with the second selection of the NFL Draft

    It was fully expected that Barkley would be selected by either Cleveland or New York and most had Barkley mocked to the Giants. Barkley will be the 1.01 selection in nearly all fantasy rookie drafts and is certain to be a first round selection in new start-up dynasty leagues as well. He's arguably the best talent at running back to come out since Adrian Peterson with an ideal blend of power, speed, agility and, perhaps most importantly, character. Barkley should immediately ascend to RB1 status, a rare feat for a rookie. Make the pick and reap the rewards for the next decade barring injury.

  • Saquon Barkley could be first-overall selection · Mar 6, 2018

    Barkley, who blew up the Combine last week, could be the first running back in many years to be first off the board.

    Hold onto your hats Browns fans, Barkley may your team's top target! It is looking quite likely that Barkley will not fall below the 1.02 (Giants) in the NFL Draft as it seems both the Browns and Giants have fallen to the siren's call. And who would blame them?! Barkley is a generational talent at the position and should be coveted by any team needing a bell-cow back, which is exactly what the Browns and Giants both need. Cleveland will be losing underrated Isaiah Crowell to free agency and the Giants have struggled at the position for years. Wayne Gallman looked decent for the G-men in 2017, with upside, but isn't in the same league with Barkley.Combine the rise of Barkley with that of the underwhelming, but voluminous, 2018 quarterback class and it stands to reason the Browns should select Barkley first overall. Also holding the fourth pick in next month's draft, it's no longer looking likely that Barkley will fall, but the Browns could still take a top signal caller with their fourth pick. Most pundits also believe there is no sure-thing at quarterback in 2018. Don't forget that DeShone Kizer is still very young and now has a year of experience under his belt. If you listen closely, you can hear the Browns' brass white boarding out the scenarios now. Put me down as believing Barkley will go first overall.

  • Combine Update: RB Official 40 Times · Mar 3, 2018

    Official 40 times are in the book for the running backs participating in the 2018 NFL Combine

    Nyheim Hines: 4.38. Saquon Barkley: 4.40. Kalen Ballage: 4.46. Rashaad Penny: 4.46. Derrius Guice: 4.49. Nick Chubb: 4.52. Bo Scarbrouch: 4.52. Sony Michel: 4.54. Royce Freeman: 4.54. Akrum Wadley: 4.54. Chase Edmonds: 4.55. Mark Walton: 4.60. Ronald Jones: 4.65*. Kamryn Pettway: 4.74.Ronald Jones tweaked his hamstring during his first 40 attempt and while he finished the drill, his time is not representative.Rashaad Penny is the big winner on the day showing speed that was unexpected. Even Scarbrough and Freeman ran better than expected. This list shows just how deep this year's running back class is with a solid 7-8 prospects that have a very good chance at production at the next level. Saquon Barkley didn't do anything other than raise his already ridiculously high stock and Guice, Chubb, Michel held their value.

  • Saquon Barkley blows up Combine · Mar 2, 2018

    Saquon Barkley put on a show at the NFL Combine by running unofficial 40 times of 4.41 and 4.42. He also jumped out of the building with a 41" vertical.

    Barkley didn't disappoint and, if even possible, he raised his stock. It won't matter in fantasy as he's the clear 1.01 selection in rookie drafts and is likely also a first round selection in inaugural drafts. He simply could do no wrong and displayed soft hands in receiving drills as well. There's nothing else to know about Barkley. He's as talented a back as we've seen come out in the last 20 years, on par with Adrian Peterson and Todd Gurley. In DLF's rookie rankings, Barkley is the top player (R1) on the Rookie Top 50.

  • Saquon Barkley could fall on draft day · Feb 23, 2018

    MMQB author Peter King admits that while Saquon Barkley is elite, the law of supply and demand may hurt is value on draft day.

    The MMQB is a great read and this edition is particularly good. King suggests that there exists too much need at other premium positions for most teams to pull the string on Barkley near the top of the draft. Consider last year's premier running backs and their drafted positions: Dalvin Cook (41), Joe Mixon (48), Alvin Kamara (67) and Kareem Hunt (86). Kamara and Hunt were second round selections that filled up the stat sheet in 2017 and will be marquee names in 2018 dynasty drafts. History has shown there exists little true need to over-draft a running back. That doesn't rule out the "generational talent" of Barkley from a higher selection, but King continues to suggest that premium positions may drop his draft-day value. Barkley remains the clear 1.01 fantasy draft player and we will be shocked if he falls outside the top eight selections of the NFL Draft. Regardless of his ultimate NFL Draft selection, he's as easy a selection at 1.01 in fantasy rookie drafts as you will find.

  • Saquon Barkley could run in 4.3 range at Combine · Feb 19, 2018

    Daniel Jeremiah believes Barkley could run in the 4.3s in his 40 during the NFL Combine

    As if! Whether he runs in the 4.3s or, far more likely, in the 4.4s, Barkley is secure at the top of most all fantasy rookie drafts. This speaks far more about the do-all back and the expectations for him at the next level. There's virtually no scenario that sees Barkley fall outside of the 1.01 in fantasy rookie drafts and he's as exciting a player as were Todd Gurley and Adrian Peterson when they entered the NFL. His position in dynasty drafts overall may depend on his drafted situation but no situation sees him fall below rookie RB2 Derrius Guice. Barkley should vie for top five for all running backs in inaugural dynasty drafts before he takes his first NFL snap.

  • Saquon Barkley mocked to the Giants · Jan 20, 2018

    In Daniel Jeremiah's most recent mock draft, the Giants select Penn State running back Saquon Barkley.

    Tis the season for mock drafts and fantasy coaches get bumpy with excitement. There's no more exciting player in this year's draft than that of uber-talented Saquon Barkley. The fit for the Giants is obvious as they've struggled at the position for years while dealing with a patchwork depth chart trying to find consistency. Barkley represents a do-all three-down back that bring the potential of Todd Gurley'esque touches and production. Barkley is in a tier of his own and it will be a shock to see any draft without him sitting atop the draft board.

  • Saquon Barkley declares for the NFL Draft · Jan 1, 2018

    Saquon Barkley will forego his Senior season at Penn State and enter the NFL Draft.

    And there you have the presumptive 1.01 in rookie drafts this Spring. Barkley brings a rare blend of size, speed and production to a position seemingly more palatable to high picks after the recent success of Todd Gurley and Leonard Fournette. His landing spot will certainly be a concern but you'd be hard pressed to take anyone else with the top pick in the upcoming draft. He's behind only Ezekiel Elliott in our current cornerstone rankings that combine rookies, second year players and draft prospects. If you hold the top selection, you're either going to use it on Barkley or receive a King's bounty in return for it - doing anything else would likely prove to be regretful.

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    7 TJ Calkins, 08/09 Nothing left to say on the prospect, landing spot is meh
    7 Pete Lawrence, 08/15 I believe in #Baequon. The Giants didnt draft him second overall to ease him into this offense. Expect volume and opportunity right out the gate. The Giants also added Nate Solder and Will Hernandez to improve the OL for Barkley.
    7 Levi Chappell, 08/15
    7 Rob Willette, 08/16
    8 Jake Anderson, 08/16 Barkley is the real deal and he narrowly edges out DJ because of age and the value he'll continue to carry even if he doesn't have a monster 2018.
    Average 8.71
    9 Travis May, 07/29 Saquon's floor is likely a back end RB1 right away.
    16 Zach Wilkens, 08/15
    RB Rankings
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    Rank Ranker Comment
    2 Jeff Haverlack, 08/16 Safest rookie 1.01 rookie pick maybe ever
    2 Jaron Foster, 08/10
    2 Bruce Matson, 08/14 The best running back prospect in my life time goes to a situation where he will get a large workload starting day one.
    3 Matt Price, 08/10
    Average 3.25
    4 Ryan McDowell, 08/10
    4 Jeff Miller, 08/13 What can I say that hasn't already been said? He is instantly an elite option at the position.
    4 Eric Hardter, 08/12 Arguably the best prospect in the past decade. Only box he hasn't yet checked is NFL production.
    5 Austan Kas, 08/17
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